Staffing Solutions

Insight Infotech provides one of the most advanced and professional staffing solutions globally for temporary, regular staffing. Our access to a large database of staffing resources is backed by time-tested HR management system that makes your deployment of staffing a pleasure

Contract Staffing

Maybe you need to augment your staff for a major project or get through a busy period – without adding permanent personnel. Our roster of experienced temporary professionals fills the bill. Our carefully selected staff of temporary professionals can hit the ground running with minimal lead time. And when your project ends or you find you no longer need additional help, our temporary professionals are finished with their assignment easily.

Full-time Staffing (Direct Hire)

Perhaps you are looking for a regular, full-time employee, but don’t have the time or resources to wade through countless applications and resumes, or to test the skills of applicants. But before you make a hiring decision, you want to be sure you have found the right person. We’ll find that person. Our team of recruiters will identify and pursue top-quality candidates – using several channels and methods. We specialize in locating passive candidates and recruiting “star” players.

On-Demand Staffing

Staffing needs are constantly changing across technologies, verticals, and geographies. Emerging changes in the industry, a large project or the need for a skilled resource are some of the reasons which cause a sudden change in the staffing requirements of an organization. While being competitive in the core business, it is difficult to anticipate the need for a skilled resource and to be adequately staffed. There is also the possibility of resources becoming redundant due to unplanned ramp downs. On-Demand Staffing approach caters to the constantly changing staffing needs that enterprises and organizations constantly face.

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